Cali Cool Wave Bubblegum Hybrid Pre-Rolls 4 Pack Ice Sickle Edition

  • 4 Premium Pre-Rolls
  • Live Resin and Kief Infusion
  • Bubblegum Flavor Profile
  • Potent 30.9% THC Content
  • Exclusive Californian Cannabis Product

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415 in stock

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Welcome to the world of ultimate relaxation with the “Cali Emerald Dream Irish Cream Indica Pre-Rolls – 4 Pack Ice Sickle Edition”, a premium embodiment of California’s finest cannabis heritage.

Each pack comes with 4 artisanal ice sickle jars, each housing an indulgent pre-roll filled with 1 gram of our premium Irish Cream Indica flower. These are no ordinary pre-rolls – they offer a sumptuous blend of superior craftsmanship and THC-rich potency of 30.9%.

Our Irish Cream Indica strain is grown with meticulous care, imparting a rich, creamy flavor profile reminiscent of the beloved Irish cream liqueur. Each puff brings forth a sweet, velvety blend, warming your senses like a comforting dessert.

But the delight doesn’t stop there. Each pre-roll is enhanced with Live Resin and Kief, boosting the blend’s potency and ensuring a deeply relaxing, full-bodied experience. This powerful harmony of ingredients ushers in a soothing, serene tranquility perfect for winding down and easing stress.

Whether it’s the end of a long day, a cozy evening with loved ones, or simply a moment of solitary peace, our “Cali Emerald Dream Irish Cream Indica Pre-Rolls – 4 Pack Ice Sickle Edition” is your ideal partner. Let the luscious creaminess of Irish Cream envelope your senses, while the powerful Indica effect eases you into a state of blissful calm.

Step into the immersive world of Californian cannabis luxury, where unrivaled quality and sophistication converge. Note: This product is exclusively available for California Cannabis consumers.


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